B- 71, Parijat, Bandra (w) Reclamation,

Mumbai – 400 050. Tel:- 26429143/26515043


1. Rishi Vana Trust is a voluntary educational trust with an objective of making people
aware of the great potential within them selves and spreading high level education.
The trust is having a Rishi Vana Ashram at village Deheri, Murbad Taluka, about 40
km from Kalyan. It is spread over 14 acres of land at the foothold of
Macchhindranath Gadh & Gorakshanath Gadh.

2. Ashram conducted educational programs for the village children like Infant SSY
Program & Children SSY it was offered to Aanganwadis Train & now the Maharashtra
Govt. under the guidance of central Govt. has requested us to train 70,000
Aanganwadis in Maharashtra in the play way methods of education in near future.

3. Village development programs are conducted and the nearby villages are assisted in
whatever way possible.

4. RVT offered through infant SSY program (ISP) child Development skills & counselling
to 180 Aaganwadi Supervisors During 2008/09. These 180 Supervisors from all the
Courses of Maharashtra have in turn Impacted 6000 Aanganwadis working at the
grass root level in rural areas . The Supervisors were empowered with better
Confidense, Communication & behavioured skills.
Anganwadis were benefited by positivity better relation with children &
parents & better health after the said trainings.
Trainers of are any now better equipment in health aspect.
Children from these Any are now being taken care of in better way in respect
of there Physical, mental social, emotional & spiritnal growth.

5. In this Ashram SIDDHA SAMADHI YOGA Residential Retreat , Advance Meditation
Courses, Bhava Samadhi Training Courses & other similar residential training
programs are arranged at regular intervals. These programs are focused on showing
every individual the great potential within.

6. It helps patients to get them cured of all the chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes,
blood pressure, heart ailments, insomnia, migraine, arthritis, obesity, acidity,
backache, headaches, spondilysis etc.

7. Lot of Companies like Otis, Lakhani Shoes, American springs, Orange, Parleys, Shell
Computers, Government Organizations, Departments & autonomous bodies like
BARC, NPC,VSNL, PWD dept of Govt. of Maharashtra, are encouraging their
employees to under go these programs as they find these programs being highly
useful in increasing togetherness, productivity, profitability, happiness, peace &
prosperity of everyone around.

8. Lot of Commissioners & other employees from all ranks of the Government
Departments have also undergone this program for their own betterment of life. The
program assists one to come out of smoking, drinking & to live a very happy &
healthy life with simplicity. The Ashram is helping thousands of people from Mumbai
& surrounding areas to undergo the residential programs of about 4 days. Even
Children come there for their Retreats of two days.

9. The Residential programs enable one to realize one’s own Godliness & to experience
the Godliness in others. It supports one to live ecstatic and blissful life with very
minimum needs.

10. In Bhava Samadhi training, people realize the value of being in Truth and experience
the mind blowing powerful results of being in Truth. They get courage to live in
Truth. It allows them to express their feeling and emotions. AMC (Advance
Meditation Course) makes one realize the importance of silence. It increases their
creativity & allow the natural love to blossom in everyone’s heart.

11. All these programs which are founded by Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji are revolutionary in
the field of management & philosophy being non religious and scientific.

12. Annadana is conducted every week.

13. Plants hundreds of indigenous trees every year for the protection of our environment.

14. Nature conservation with minimum use of resources is always being perused. Every
year thousands of trees are planted around Ashram for environment protection.

15. More than 5000 plants have been planted during June-Aug with the help of forest

16. Internal Roads have been constructed in villages.

17. Water wells and water preservation schemes for villagers have been supported. Due
to efforts of Ashram, the drought prone villages around Deheri have got pipe water
since Jan 2008.

18. Orissa Relief Operations were conducted for flood affected area & villages with
resources for livelihood were created for the adivasis in remote area where no other
aid could reach.

19. Gujarat Relief Operations were conducted for earthquake affected areas.
Houses were provided and means of livelihood created for them.

20. Trust also supported Tsunami victims.

21.Music Concert by Ustad Sultan Khan & Felix Maria & Friends was held on 25th
January 2005, towards fund collection for Tsunami Relief Fund.

22. At Mantralayam in a Kanool Karnataka State, ther was flood encompassing the entire
temple & village with 9 fect water during the 1st week of Oct,2009. Ashram has sent
number all voluntors who have cleaned & restored the facilities at Annaprasad as well
as Dharmshala under the able guidance & pressure of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

23. Rishi Vana Trust also supported Rishi Vidyalaya Gurukulam at Vaizag for School

24. Rishi Vana Trust has created a musical group “Aanandeet”.
1) To create awareness about great saints in Maharashtra like Sant Tukaram,
Sant Eknath, Sant Dnyaneshwar, & Meera through musical programs & to
make people understand their teachings and support them to adopt the
2) To create awareness at Rishi Culture through music more than 75 shows were
Successfully held all over Maharashtra by the said ‘Anandit’ group.

25. Cow protection shade has also been created in Ashram which about 60 cows were
being offered shade.

26. Trust also distributed about 2000 sets audio cassettes a “Gandhian Solution to
Terrorism” by Rishi Prabhakarji to important people from all over country.

27. Trust also held in Nov.2001 a Gramin Shibir in Uttar Pradesh which was attended by
250. It inspired people to lead quality life.

28. Trust also organized business club meetings and trained people to start new own

29. Hasya Kavi Sammelan was held on 10th September, 2004, towards fund raising of
Ashram. We also has musical concerts of Shri Ravi Jule & Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota
& Jagjit.

30. Trust conducts Satsang every Monday & Wednesday at MET Bandra, for better
livings along with Anna Prasad to everyone.

31. Trust also organized Satya Sevak (Power of intention) Training Classes which make
people aware of mechanics of manifestation of Vision into realty.

32. Trust also conducted Professionals Insight program for than in industries & profession.

33. Life Longetivity Program (Kaya Kalp Kriya) Under the guidance of Guruji Rishi
Prabhakarji is Schedule in Mumbai during Dec-9 to 15th,2009 for the benefit of

34. All there activities of RVT are is totally run on voluntary donations and we appeal the
members and public to offer their whole hearted donations for the cause of humanity
and nature.

(Mr. Ajay Deshpande)
Mg. Trustee.