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Story of Discovery Of SSY

guruJiMy childhood preparation
I am going to give you a step-by-step revelation of SSY as I remember it now. It is a beautiful case study in the science of intuitive realisation.

Selfish child

As a child, I was selfish to the core. I knew it, too. I appreciated all those who were generous, but I could not bring myself to be that way. Because of this, I always had difficulties in being with other family members. I would run away when things were not going my way. My mother used to be very upset. They wanted to send me off to an ashram. I was very afraid of being sent away.
My father’s wish

One day,...

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Guruji’s Master

Guruji's MasterBhagwan Shri Vishweshwaraiah was the last son among many children of their parents. Both the mother and the father were great yogis. The father took upon himself the death of his eldest son from T.B. and offered his remaining life to him as Pranadana. Themother taught the last son, Vishwa, the secrets of yoga to cure himself of near-total blindness when he was about ten years of age. Vishwa did not prove himself to be a scholar like his brothers. He started spending his time meditating in cremation grounds, at the same time performing his duties as a textile inspector...

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About The Master

Guruji Rishi PraGuruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarbhakar was most importantly, a builder of world leaders. He was the founder of the extremelypowerful Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Programme. He is aworld-renowned teacher of meditation, self-management and social consciousness. He was a computer scientist and aeronauticalengineer, and a management graduate from Western Ontario University, Canada.

A silent meditator, he was an active inspiration through his simplicity and dynamism for tens of thousands around the world whose lives have been touched by him and his dedicated band of leaders.

Pujya Guruji’s discourses, programmes a...

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