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Located in an area of 30 acres of land in Boduvalasa village, Sabbavaram Mandalam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – Vizag Ashram is best known for its greenery and the huge tree cover it offers. The environment is fresh and fragrant.

The Ashram has a sadhana hall to facilitate silent retreats and an activity centre.

The Ashram also houses a residential CBSE school (Rishi Gurukulam) which is the second of its kind that came up at the footsteps of our Rishi Gurukulam at Maralwadi and prior to the Rishi Gurukulam at Katarkhadak.

The children live in spacious hostels surrounded by gardens and large...

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Maralwadi Ashram is located in the outskirts of Bangalore, in the Kanakapura Taluk in an area of 48 acres with beautiful natural surroundings amongst lush green trees.

Maralwadi Ashram is home to Mata Annapoorneshwary’s sacred temple. Navratri Utsav and Annapoorneshwary Brahmotsav festivals are celebrated in this temple every year.

Within the Ashram is a serene lake that greatly adds to its scenic beauty. There is a large Sadhana hall with a huge dome and absolutely open at its tail end, thus giving a distant view and a sense of tremendous space to any body who is in the hall.

The Ashram hou...

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Being the first Ashram founded by Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, this Ashram has a special significance. It was Bhagwan Visweswariah’s (Guruji’s Guru) wish that his mortal remains be consecrated at the first Ashram which would be started by his dearest disciple – Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

Accordingly, Bhagwan’s Samadhi was erected at the Guru Mandir in Dehri. We perform puja and aradhana at this consecrated samadhi every year on the same day that Bhagwan left his body — 19th of February.

This Ashram is located at the foothills of the famous Gorakhgadh and Macchindragadh hills in the Mur...

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Spanning over 151 acres of land, located atop a hillock, the Katarkhadak Ashram is situated amidst breathtakingly wonderful landscape. With forests on the side and a river flowing through the Ashram land, this Ashram is blessed with nature’s bounty.

Very close to the Hinjewadi I.T.Park, Katarkhadak Ashram is located apx 22 kms from Wakad, Pune on one side and almost equidistant from Mulshi dam on the other side.

The Ashram houses many a locations for silent sadhana with a large Sadhana hall over and above smaller Sadhana Kutirs and many suitably located tree-houses each of which offers a cha...

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Our ashrams are places for silent sadhana and our advanced programmes. They have been specially chosen in forest areas with hills and rivers. Many of the Ashrams also house our Rishi Gurukulams, residentials schools for learnings in the midst of higher consciousness.

Many Ashrams are also coming up in villages as a part of the Inspirational Leadership Degree Programme. Of late, our Ashrams also house dwellings for many families to live together like a joint family. They also house industries that are run on Rishi Samskruti with love and Sadhana as the base for quality production...

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