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Fun Club International

The Fun Club was started by RSVK in the year 1986 in Davangere. It has now spread to all our centres. The purpose of the Fun Club is to allow the inherent love in each individual to blossom and to be transmitted into the environment like the fragrance of a flower.

Any game you want to play can be played. The aim is to play the game fully. The only difference being that ‘everyone is a winner’.

The spirit is to support everyone to put forth his or her best. The oath is what makes the Fun Club work. lt is:

1)  I bring everyone together — ‘I Include everyone.’

2)  I give my best (100%...

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Annaprasad Kshetra

Food security is one of the very basic needs. Collective sharing of food at least once a week leads to a tremendous feeling of togetherness and caring for the community. Hundreds of such centres are active, located in the towns and villages, in India. There is a special wing to promote this activity.

Many patients coming to the hospitals from far-off villages need food support in towns. The inspired SSY teachers and volunteers take up the co-ordination and organisation of such distribution on a daily basis in many towns...

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Clean & Green India

Started in 1984, these neighbourhood cleanup programmes have witnessed the participation of thousands of people. This is what has made the country much cleaner today. We have created community washrooms and bathrooms.

Volunteers have educated street vendors in major cities. Guruji has worked incessantly on the streets of Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Pune, Shimoga and hundreds more, for years.

Millions of trees have been planted in urban areas...

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Community Living

A. Healthy lifestyle: This is to be achieved by living in fresh air, eating together healthy foods, practising group exercise and yoga etc.

B. Joyful living in togetherness : This is brought about by living together, playing together, eating together, as well as by enabling children to work, eat and learn together in a gurukulam.

C. Global cooling: This is effected by sharing common resources, massive afforestation and pursuing extensive                         horticulture.

D. Sadhana : Sadhana is possible through regular SSY and advanced programmes, through meditation centres.

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Cancer Rehabilitation camp

CANCER is caused by unbearable physical or mental load on a person who feels cheated by society or circumstances and has no way out of the predicament. His/her will to live weakens, and the immune system shatters and becomes out of control.

RSVK has set up a rehabilitation centre to help people beat cancer and live as joyful citizens.

In India, cancer is detected very late as all good people refrain from complaining about their pain. Detection is usually at the third stage. This invariably requires surgery or chemotherapy or radiation...

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Seva and Sadhana are two wheels of a spiritual life. While Sadhana leads to inner prosperity, Seva leads to outer prosperity.

All SSY projects are Seva projects leading to upliftment of people, society and world at large. Pujya Guruji doesn’t believe in introverted spirituality. He believes in the Gandhian principle of freedom-in-action. For him spirituality or inner bliss is not an end unto itself. Rather it is only a means or rather a right base for social action. Unless spirit or consciousness descends into the world of matter to make a difference there, its purpose is not served.


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