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Celebrating Life with Raag Yaman

Wednesday Recharger
3rd August,2016

Celebrating Life with Raag Yaman
By Ajayji and Ashwini Ma

When a bundle of emotions are put to tune , a fine piece of music is born…..Yesterdays Recharger …a musical evening , carried us on its wings to a range of songs in Raag Yaman that can be ideally described as …’Bhule bisre geet’

Raag Yaman is a melodic mode in Indian classical music and one of the most popular and widely used raags by Indian Music Directors.It is a beginners raag.

Raag Yaman is an evening Raag…It makes use of tivra madhyams which lends it a characteristic peace and tranqui...

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Vithu Mauli

Wednesday Recharger 6th July 2016
Topic….Vithu Mauli

What better way can one choose to celebrate life if not with music?
They say….
‘Where words leave off, music begins’
Yesterday’s Recharger echoed this thought loud and clear…..

A musical recital dedicated to Lord Vithhal had all of us experience the joy of joining the Vari (An annual procession) ….

Highlights of the Satsang
🌺The satsang began with Ashwini ma explaining the science behind reciting the name ‘Vithhal’…specially the ‘tha’ sound that can cure heart attacks…..

🌺The scientific signigicance of the posture of Lord Vithhal was also di...

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Wed SSY Recharger

Wednesday SSY Recharger



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