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Child Development Trainings

Quite a few of the consciousness trainings for adults which were born out of Guruji’s intense Sadhana could easily be extra-polated to bring around development of extraordinary children.

This was realised way back and we developed modules for growth of consciousness of children through techniques similar to those used for growth of consciousness of adults.

Starting from our interest in superperformance of kids as sparked by Glenn Doman, we went ahead and discovered many tools and techniques for growth of all aspects – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual – of a child...

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Corporate Trainings

As an organisation, we give equal weightage to inner as well as outer prosperity.

India was extra-ordinarily enlightened in the Rigvedic period (about 5000 years back). This enlightement led to tremendous outer prosperity and the country was tremendously rich.

All this was because the whole Indian development model was based on what we can call ‘INSIDE OUT’ way of development.

In this model, inner growth of the human being led to growth of the world outside. This was our valued secret. Over the years, we lost this secret...

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Consciousness Trainings

Out of Poojya Guruji’s intense Sadhana of years together, have come some extraordinary trainings to unlock the potential and divinity within every human being.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves to be able to offer such a vast variety of trainings that encompass the development of all the dimensions of a human being an his life in society which leads to holistic growth of a person and the world.

These consciousness trainings lead to enhancement of a vast variety of qualities of the human spirit like non-reactive stillness, unselfish love, spirit of togetherness, ecstasy, creativity, trut...

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