Kardaliwan Yatra Report

Jay Gurudev, Jay Gurudatt!
My koti koti pranams to the Lotus feet of Shree Guru Datta in all forms & all Masters in Guruji’s form, who prompted me plan visit Kuravpur, Shreeshailam – Mallikarjun Jyotirling , Kardaliwan Padayatra & Peethapur!
This Yatra, which we planned for 30, happened to be for 88 from Mumbai + 5 joining us from Hydrabad, in all 93 devotees participating!
The planning & execution of planning happened so effortlessly that I could 100% enjoy my Yatra even while leading it!
Thanks to everyone’s trust, surrenderfulness, participation, seva & offerings, that everyone from age 9 to 88 could complete this Yatra successfully!
Starting on 28/12/2015, by Hydrabad Express, with few drop outs & 10 last moment entries, every one could be taken with us & they all returned home healthy & safe on 4/1/2016 with His Grace!
We had Clean India for the entire train offering bin bags to all passengers with folded hands, requesting them to maintain train clean!
Had a satsang with Group Leaders in the evening, followed by meditation & sharing of so much of tasty food, everyone was feeding each other with love, that I am sure, everyone ate much more than normal.
Reached at Hydrabad, we had hired rooms in Hotel Harsha to be shared by 6. As we got 12 rooms instead of 15 expected, most of our group Leaders used our single washroom, shared by three, at a time! Many of us broke our boundaries! 10 persons had completed brush, Toilet, bath just within 30 minutes in single washroom must be a record in itself!
Complete Yatra started & happened with this spirit of punctuality, joy, togetherness, sharing, caring & seva!
We started at about 8.30am on 29/12 in 2 buses from Hydrabad after sumptuous breakfast & reached Vallabhpur at about 2pm. We found ourselves fortunate enough to stay in a big hall where, Shreepad Vallabh used to guide many, hundreds of years back!
After Annaprasad by Ashram, we visited Kuravpur in Butty, which are round shape boats, accommodating 10 at a time. We passed through Krishna river to Kuravpur, which happens to be in Karnataka State. Had Datt Sangeet Satsang & returned back to Vallabhpur for stay!
That evening we had an opportunity to be in Satsang with 105 year old Swami Ramanandtirth & others of Vallabhpur Sansthan. He expressed his great satisfaction of our Yatra project & Blessed us whole heartedly for Kardaliwan Yatra.
Next day, 30/12, as already informed, we had morning daily rituals in open & bath in devine waters of Krishna!
Starting after break fast, we reached Shreeshailam at about 6pm instead of 2pm, in spite of all the precautions!
We had all missed lunch & had lunch cum dinner at Gandla Chhatra, where we were offered rooms.
Next day, 31/12, around 6.30am we all started & reached Patalganga, where we all took Rope Way to drop us at the river banks saving our energy in climbing down 650 steps!
Thereon, we had 2 boats carrying us to Venkatesh Kinara, about 25 km taking about an hour. Appaswami was waiting for us with tasty upma & hot drink.
About 15 senior citizens returned back to Shreeshailam, led by Mahesh thereafter & about 78 of us climbed up 7km, 6 Hills, rocky path created by volunteers earlier!
We had with us now, members aging 70 & above. Everyone could reach Akamma Guha by about 2 pm in about 4 hours, chanting Mantra & sticks in hand for support!
We all meditated together & had lunch sharing dry snacks with each other, with so much of Love & care. Rested thereafter in huge Akamma Guha with 4 dogs assuring us Shree Guru Datt ‘S support & guidance!
After rest, in the evening, we were all astonished, how we were served hot tea, hot rice & Sambar in this remote Guha, prepared unconditionally with so much of seva and Love by the tribal boys, who had accompanied us as guides, carriers of luggage & 2 dolis!
None of us can forget for life, the way we all celebrated 31/12 night, welcoming 2016 with melodious Bhajans by other Bhajan Mandali of 25, lightening the entire Akamma Guha at 12, with Aarti & Durvangi’s Birthday!
Next day morning, 1/1/2016, again we had to respond to our nature’s calls in nature & started our Padayatra to the Pragat Sthan of Swami Samartha at 5.20am. It was a 6km walk almost straight in thick jungle, with many tall trees & big ant houses around, chirping birds, beautiful sceneries around, stream flowing with us, never seen before! The dogs sent by Shree Guru Datt, accompanied us through out assuring all the safety!
Reached around 7.45am at a very remote but beautiful Pragat Sthan, had a holi bath in natural spring water followed by Puja guided by Amol & Gauresh, who had joined us from Khardi!
Started return Padayatra at 8.45 & reached Akamma Guha at about 10.45am followed by Shavasan!
Started @11.30am, climbing down 7 km for Venkatesh Kinara, everyone was once again Blessed with Prasad & tea there.
I had lost my sport shoes before Padayatra & was managing with simple Chappals. As I started climbing down the steep slope, midway, I found my knees getting jam. Turn by turn 6/7 young strong Yatris lifted me on their back & brought me down with lot of ease for me. I had no hesitation in asking for help & everyone supported me throughout with so much love & care, signifying Blessings of all the Masters! I could walk at ease on plain grounds. But climbing down the rough rocky path was a challenge. We came back to Patalganga by boat with few visiting Tempe Swami Guha, with very unique Shivling in between!
With unprecedented rush on 1/1, Rope way window was closed early & we were denied tickets. It was not possible for any of us to climb up 650 steps after 21 km Padayatra that day! We just surrendered to Shree Guru Datt & tickets were at once issued to our group!
When we are “Nishank ho nirmal ho Manare” ( OH Mind, Trust without any doubt & fear), “Ashakya Te shakya karatil swami!”( Impossible to possible) happens!
Getting back everyone of all the ages, size & shapes, many with even knees, BP, diabetic & heart history was a great achievement of our entire group!
Guru always take our test after offering His Best & so did he, in this Yatra. The tough taste of patience, tolerance, acceptance, responsibility, OK Ness & surrender happened for everyone at many times!
On 2/1/2016, few opted to go to Hydrabad directly for site seeing & balance 65 of us started for Peethapur Yatra at 7.30am with breakfast served in bus & Lunch at Guntur!
We were scheduled to reach Peethapur at 7pm. But for no specific reason, we reached @ 9.00pm, when Temple was closed! DEUL Band! We were scheduled to leave Peethapur at 10/11pm & with night journey, return Hotel Harsha in Hydrabad next day by 8am!
While deliberating on the situation & considering the fact that the drivers of both the buses had driven 14 hours almost non stop, we were enlightened by the Swami that the luckiest Chitra Nakshatra had just begun & having Darshan on this day, is one of the most auspicious happenings! We were invited by Swamiji to stay back & offered couple of halls to stay that night with mattresses. We were also served with devine Prasad as dinner even though the kitchen was closed.
Everyone was thrilled, how Shree Datt Guru delayed our journey for no reason, so that, we all get His Devine Darshan after our Holi Parikrama of Kuravpur & Kardaliwan, with His Kakad Aarti at 4.30am, on the most auspicious day & muhurat !
Started return journey at 5.30am, returned Hotel Harsha in Hydrabad at about 6pm, with break fast & lunch brakes, where again, I was wondering how we 65 were served with deliciously best hot food in no time without any prior intimation! It was all nothing else but, Guru Aashish!
We were all comforted at Hotel Harsha with evening delicious snacks & enough deluxe luxury rooms shared by 3 each for refreshing us in 90 minutes.
Everyone reached Hydrabad station & caught Mumbai Express scheduled 845pm. We could not get a single return ticket in Tatkal. But all our dedicated team members, Kishor, Prasad, Basavraj, Mahesh, Dattaji, Priti, Jaydeep adjusted themselves to the point that some slept on the ground to accommodate others! Without their dedication & support this Yatra would not have been successful.
Tasty Hydrabad Biryani was served to all in train by Kaushik Bhatnagarji who happened to be our local Organizer to facilitate all bookings & arrangements. Great many thanks to him for his local support!
Priti says that we were very lucky that we were blessed to stay at each of the Teerthasthan!
Many shared that this was the most adventurous Yatra, nobody would dare to take, at a place open to all the risks! But it happened so much with ease & comfort only with Guru’s Grace!
Rajesh ji, Mukesh, Amol, Priti, Kishor, Sameer & Rashmi were instrumental in keeping energies high through Satsangs conducted on Wheels, as a result, time was just flying & long bus journeys became a source of great pleasure!
Rajesh ji took the entire responsibility of the other bus & supported everyone by his silence & seva!
I found that day by day, we all were more & more disciplined, surrendered & joyful signifying Spiritual Growth. Everybody broke their physical boundaries. With higher patience & tolerance, we became strong mentally. With so much of unconditional love, Care & seva bhav our emotional intelligence has grown. We all learnt how to deal with each other in such a big group with individuals with varied temperaments & nature. So, we have become socially intelligent.
I found this Yatra leading to higher consciousness & awareness to find opportunity to apply SSY teachings in everyone’s day today life, resulting into Sadhana!
I am personally experiencing that none of the things are bothering me now. I experienced very high degree of effortlessness while organizing, conducting & participating in this Yatra! I have got lot of insights for myself & I am sure, this journey is going to transform my life in many ways.
Thanks to each of the participants for their trust, participation, Appreciation & giving me opportunity to serve!
I take this success as an inspiration to organize more of such Spiritual Yatras in near future, seeking Blessings of the Sadguru!
Their Blessings has resulted into 39 enrollments to our next Akkalkot, Gangapur Yatra scheduled March 24-26, 2016 even before formal announcement!