Mantralayam Aradhana Seva Yatra

Annual Mantralayam Yatra for most important 3 days, has become part of our annual celebration in seva since many years!

It started on Thursday, 18th August, with great get together on Dadar platform, Satsang in train with inspiring sharing by everyone stating changes in their lives due to attending SSY Aanand Yatra together, over a period & then followed by tasty Pot Luck Dinner Party with everyone in group!

Everyone was in high spirits, enthusiasm & curiosity about this unique Aradhana Seva Yatra!

On 19th August, 2016, Reached beautifully carved & decorated Mantralayam Road around 8am, took autos to Mantralayam, about 10 km away.

Rambhai offered us a warm welcome as he was waiting for us at Udupi Pavamana Residency, one of the best available hotels there. We were missing accomodation in this hotel for many years & it was only due to Rambhai, who travels with 15/20 of his family members every year, we were fortunate!

After getting fresh in the AC rooms, we had registration, where on board were, very clear instructions & Time Table for all the groups for seva! I was shocked to see my name marked for the entire Maharashtra group! More than 1200 dedicated SSY volunteers served in Temple Queue Seva, Kitchen serving seva & Clean India Seva with all the enthusiasm & vigour for 3 days!

On 20th August, 2016, We did scheduled Seva in temple for Queue, right in front of Swami’s most auspicious Vrindavan! Thousands & thousands of Pilgrims had reached there travelling days together & could have Darshan just for few seconds, while we all SSY Volunteers were most fortunate to have his VVIP & VIP Darshan all the time, right in front of him 🙏

Some of us went for site seeing of nearby places after morning seva.

Evening we all attended Satsang with Mahaacharya in large number with melodious recorded Bhajans folllwed by devotion by Ravji & Gayatri Ma, elevating our spirits further!

Each of our Mumbai team members were personally introduced to Mahaacharya, Ravi ji & Satishji. Satishji cordially invited everyone to Udupi VHS & also BST scheduled at Dehari during November 6-13!

We then visited & sat at the river banks of Tungabhadra listing various piligrimage centers adjoining respective rivers! After enjoying the beautiful nature in Silence for some time, we meditated!

Our schedule was 8pm, but there were so many volunteers, that the organisers requested us to join after 30 minutes, the time we all enjoyed evening Pranayam, just on the floor in varandah, outside the Dining hall!

Everyome enjoyed Non Stop food serving seva in Annapurna Dining hall, which has arrangement of 600 dining together at a time, while other part of hall getting ready for next 600!

Jyoti Ma & Anjali Ma from our group were found serving the untiring, non stop, were awarded Best Volunteers Award in our group! Jyoti Ma was so full & happy, that she offered Ice Cream teeat to all at the end of the day!

The pilgrims were more than double this day, compared to previous day & the place was full of festivities, with renowned accomplished artists performing music!

We met our beloved Midacle Lady Uppin Ma right in front, we were on the way to Dining Hall. Incidentally, famous Kannad Aarti “Saubhagyada Laxmi Baramma.. ” was going on when we met Uppin Ma!

On 21st, August, We were all Invited for Sadhana at 5.30am, did Pranayam with Mahaachrya Kaikiniji & were guided for Clean India thereafter!

Managing unprecedented rush at temple this day, was really a great challenge for most of us. Though we had a hard task of moving people fast right in front of Swami, reciting “Om Shree Raghavendray Namah” with folded hands we could experience Swami in everyone & see known smile on their faces!

I could feel myself well connected to each of the devitees & could see myself serving Swami in them! We could see Swami in the eyes of devotees, when they were watching Swami Vrindavan!

Evening was a Grand Celebrations of Guruji’s Birthday headed by Amma, Mahaacharya & Raviji! I was requested ro conduct AMC in Mantralayam, which I agreed. Seva by Mumbai team was highly appreciated by Raviji from dias at the end!

Return back to station, we had a great Satsang there, by Kapil & Bindu, who shared their unique heart touching & inspiring experiences of Padayatra, Being at Katar Khadak & Mantralayam!

On 22/8, we got up late in train, had Pranayam, Break Fast & sharing of unique exleriences, learning & take away points by one & all. Simultaneous happening was expression of appreciation & greatness by everyone to each other!

With group songs, we didnt realize, when we arrived our destination! We all experienced time lessness all the time of Yatra!

Everyone expressed their hearty Gratitude & desire to attend all the Yatras hereafter as they are now feeling so close to each other, more than their family, just with few fun filled days of togetherness!

As I had lost my Chappals at Mantralayam on the very 1st day & I could very easily managed to return home without them after 4 days!