Vithu Mauli

Wednesday Recharger 6th July 2016
Topic….Vithu Mauli

What better way can one choose to celebrate life if not with music?
They say….
‘Where words leave off, music begins’
Yesterday’s Recharger echoed this thought loud and clear…..

A musical recital dedicated to Lord Vithhal had all of us experience the joy of joining the Vari (An annual procession) ….

Highlights of the Satsang
🌺The satsang began with Ashwini ma explaining the science behind reciting the name ‘Vithhal’…specially the ‘tha’ sound that can cure heart attacks…..

🌺The scientific signigicance of the posture of Lord Vithhal was also discussed by her.(That’s what I personally love about SSY…we do not just accept things because they have been handed down to us…but look for the scientific insight and practical importance of the same in our day to day lives)
🌺Soul stirring abhangas by various saints were sung by Ajayji and Ashwini ma followed by Madhuraji and all of us in chorus .All this in the accompaniment of Casio played effortlessly by Ajayji…..An experience of participating in the ‘dindi’ came easily and effortlessly to us.

🌺The mellifluous rendition also included the story of Bhakt Pundalik and how Lord Vithhal came into being with a beautiful interpretation that God does not reside in Temples alone and cannot just be pleased by marching to pilgrimage centres….Infact He is pleased by the one who serves one’s fellowmen.
🌺The information about the meticulous planning and management of the procession with lakhs of Warkaris participating in it left us in awe.

🌺The musical gained in meaning and importance with beautiful explanation of the Abhangas by Ajayji.
🌺As the session was a celebration of life…..Satsangis whose birthdays fall in the month of June and July were wished by all.

🌺Eleven year olds Swara and Anjali presented ‘Bharud’ a folk song with the message of rain water harvesting….

A truly enchanting session with our heart’s echoing ‘ Vitthal Vitthal Jai Hari Vithhal’ even after the sound had long ceased.
Kavita Kapoor